• Machine safety
    and technical documentation.
    Concrete and professional support,
    on the whole national and foreign territory.


INSAFE is a network of companies specialized in the machine safety sector that accompanies the customer in the regulatory process and supports him from the design of machines and production lines up to the placing on the market and after-sales assistance.

The Company

INSAFE, thanks to its interdisciplinary skills, has made the safety of industrial machines a simple and usable concept for companies , improving work quality with cutting-edge solutions and continuous support over time.

The Services

INSAFE offers a unique and distinctive service to machine manufacturers to best meet the various needs in terms of safety and compliance. A service that increases the client's skills and guides him in understanding and realizing machine safety.

The Portal

It allows you to always have all the documentation of your machine available. You can consult the spare parts catalog online and, through an intuitive interface, buy spare parts directly .

Services and skills

Highly professional technical support.


INSAFE supports the customer in the establishment of the technical file , starting from its design up to the placing on the market in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and other possible applicable directives.


INSAFE offers complete technical support starting from the design of the machine up to its complete industrialization and production , respecting, in all the different phases of the work, the current regulations.


INSAFE builds a close synergy with the customer, accompanying him step by step in a path of training and growth . INSAFE becomes an exclusive partner for the customer, who acquires the skills to understand and functionally adopt all aspects relating to machine safety.


Through the portal, the customer can take advantage of a technical assistance service, in real time wherever it is . Through a database, the Insafe system is able to recognize the spare parts of the machine and order them through the online service.

Structural analysis

INSAFE deploys the experience and broad-based theoretical preparation of its engineers, ensuring quick solutions to complex problems.


Performing visual, instrumental and simulation tests or checks.

Instructions for Use

Creation of the instruction manual for use according to the specifications provided by directive 2006/42/CE and applicable standards. The related translations are also produced, managed and optimized as required by the directive.

Declaration of Conformity

Line certifications, in our name, in compliance with the standards imposed by technical standards and / or by law.